Alciston and Selmeston Village Hall



The Reverend J.T. Bullock, Vicar of Selmeston with Alciston first raised the idea of a village hall to encourage “the social and intellectual life” of the two villages.

A local benefactor, Lilian Mary Clapham of Alciston, together with Dean Virginia Gildersleeve, friend of Mrs Carnegie (widow of the founder of the Carnegie Trust in New York) and Professor Caroline Spurgeon who lived at Old Postman’s Cottage Alciston, persuaded the Carnegie Trust to donate to the fund which started the fundraising ball rolling.

A committee was formed and residents were levied 3d a week as a contribution to the fund with Hugh Stacey, farmer, of Alciston Court being the driving force behind various events and activities.

On Saturday 27th July 1935, the Alciston and Selmeston village hall was opened with an address by Maynard Keynes and, such was the crowd, that the opening ceremony had to be relayed by loudspeaker to a field full of people unable to get inside.


..and today

2010 was the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Alciston and Selmeston village hall. It still continues to be run by a committee of residents of the two villages, now has charitable status and is the focal point of the busy social life of the two Parishes.

Refurbishment and modernisation has meant that the Alciston and Selmeston village hall is now one of the best equipped and versatile in the area and ideal for a wide range of uses from Brownies and Scout groups, through regular clubs and meetings right up to that special event such as a wedding or anniversary celebration.