Alciston and Selmeston Village Hall

Safeguarding your bond

Checklist at end of event

  • Lights ( all off including main hall lights, stage lights, up lights, side lights, lobby, toilets, kitchen, bar)
  • Toilets ( no taps left running, no rubbish; no lost property)
  • Kitchen (both water heater switches off; all appliances switched off including green light on dishwasher; dishwasher emptied of crockery and dirty water drained; all crockery and cutlery away in cupboard and cupboard locked ; any rubbish put in skip)
  • Bar (fridge left on; glass-washer emptied of glasses, drained of dirty water and switched off; glasses put away; hot water switched off; door locked)
  • Main hall (heaters switched off; windows all closed; fire doors closed; tables and chairs put away properly; any lost property, particularly under or on side benches?)
  • Cleaning ( cannot expect perfection but have main hall, kitchen, bar and lobby been swept, floors mopped and rubbish taken out? Have cleaning things been put away?)
  • Heaters (all off including two wall heaters in main hall, one on kitchen and one in toilet corridor; heating control returned to drawer in the bar)
  • Front door (bolts secure and locked from outside)
  • Rubbish skip (intended for food waste, cardboard, paper and plastic; no glass bottles or containers).